1. 3 years ago 

    Time Is Nothing

    Time becomes basically nothing, people can’t wait until the end of school year but in the end I’m the one worrying. Thinking about the future hurts but i guess when you still have years left it doesn’t really matter.

  2. 3 years ago 

    I’ll forever be scarred, the pain inside will continue to live off the wonderful memories in the past. Moving forward is hard..

  3. 3 years ago 

    not a bad day, overall it was alright but still eh. badminton was fun but when biking home my freakin light burnt out! biking home in the dark in the GHETTO is NOT fun!

  4. 3 years ago 


    stuffed panda

  5. Notes: 2 / 3 years ago 

    Diana Trinh is the best <333 I don’t know what i would do without her, even though we rarely talk now she always cheers me up one way or another.

  6. 4 years ago 

    I’m confoosed….

    I don’t get this! Myspace was super duper pooper confusing and this is too :’O and what do i do? o-o

  7. 4 years ago 

    Bo Peep Bo Peep

Harro~ I'm Tae-- I mean Chris! I'm a pretty active guy and I HATE sitting on the couch playing call of duty. I much rather be out playing badminton, airsofting, or roadbiking/ commuting around town with friends. Of course when i can, I would go snowboarding again with my Burton board. Pretty big SNSD fan..i mean, how can you NOT love them??? I'm pretty shy and quiet unless you know me well then..yeah I'll keep that a secret ;') Get to know me in person, not over a computer.